Let’s take a look at how to include a pagination of a list of photos on the pages in a public gallery. To do this, go to the Photo contests => Settings menu, tab “General“, section “Pagination”. Here we can specify the number of photos per page. It must be […]

Add multiple images at once

To quickly add/upload a large number of photos to the contest from the admin panel, we can use a special option. To do this, go to the contest settings, then to the “Competitors” tab and find the button “Add many photos” there. After that, the standard WordPress Media Modal will […]

Photos moderation

Let’s look at how to moderate (review) the user submitted photos (videos, etc). By default, all new contests have enabled pre-moderation. So after a user submits an image – it will be visible only to the administrator. He must approve or delete it. And only after the approval the photo […]

Voting privacy modal

Greetings! Let’s look at how Policy voting modal is configured. That is, how to disable it, enable it, and how to change the message text. To do this, we need to go to Photo Contests => Settings – tab “GDPR : Privacy Tweaks”. Here we can enable or disable Policy […]

How to hide the upload (submission) form

A frequently asked question that has plugin users is: “How to hide the upload/submission form from the contest gallery page?”. It’s very easy to do: you need to go to the settings of the contest, in the tab “Public submission”; find the option “Display upload form”; select the option “No […]