How to enable comments for the competitors

To enable the comments you have to Activate necessary options here: To find the Comments box, need to open the Single Competitor page – more about the Single Competitor page. Also, if you want to have FB comments in the lightbox – check the

How to get the PDF invoice

Login to your cabinet – Fill your details Find your order and click “Invoice” Check your details and click “Download” Ready!

How to get the list of all competitors URL’s in contest

1. Export all competitors – 2. Add rows before the and after ID 3. Copy the links like 1 / 2 / 4. Then put them here: Links are ready.

Contest winners

Currently, there are 5 winners pick methods: Automatically – most voted Automatically – random Automatically – random from TOP 10 Automatically – random from TOP 20 Manual Where to select winners pick method: Where to find the picked winners: How to edit the picked winners (titles/places/etc)? Editing possible only if […]

Single competitor view modes

Let’s look at possible ways to display a separate image of the contestant in the plugin. This refers to how the participant will be displayed when you click on the thumbnail of the image. Direct (Single Competitor Page only)  Activating this mode, if the user clicks on a thumbnail of […]

Competitor gallery – public upload

The first part of an article: Let’s check how to allow users to upload photos to the additional gallery with a public upload form. For this you need to do two steps: First, we need to add additional image(s) fields to the form. We go to “Forms Builder”, find the […]

Competitor gallery

Let’s look at how to add an additional gallery for сompetitors. First, we need to enable this option. To do this, we go to the “Add-ons” menu and there we find tab “Gallery”. Сheck that it is enabled and click “Save options”. Next, we need to go to the contest […]

Collect user emails

At the moment, the plugin provides three ways to collect email users. Upload The first method of collecting – during uploading. When a user uploads a photo to a contest, he must specify the name of the photo and other parameters, including his email, which can be seen in the […]