Dynamic form fields

Here is a simple way to show a few form fields based on Checkbox: 1. Add your fields, name them like group_name_1, group_phone_1: https://snipboard.io/IBOcMn.jpg 2. Hide them Via CSS (will hide all fields named group_*) [class*=”fv-field-key–group_”] { display: none; } 3. Oo click to the checkbox – show them via […]

How to add custom fields to the Export

To add custom fields to the Votes list CSV you could use the following filter (since version 2.3.43): add_filter(‘fv/export/votes/csv_data’, function($csv_data) { // Add user_login field $csv_data[‘heading’][] = ‘user_login’; $csv_data[‘rows’][] = ‘users_user_login’; global $wpdb; $csv_data[‘queryModel’]->leftJoin( $wpdb->users, “users”, “`users`.`ID` = `t`.`user_id`”, [‘user_login’] ); return $csv_data; });

Cache support

While any caching plugins used like WP Super Cache for pages caching need to enabled the following option in the Photo Contest => Settings => General: Optionally you could remove contest pages from caching: W3C and WP Super Cache.

Multi-language support via WPML

Please note, you have to update the WP Foto Vote WPML add-on to version 0.9 or higher. WP Foto Vote WPML add-on 0.9 zip download >> How to use the plugin if the site has multiple languages? Before you start: go to WPML > Settings and enable option “Language filtering for AJAX […]

Video add-on: set-up YouTube upload

To set up a new Youtube APP or in case if you have a following error: and in the log saw the following:  Then need to create new app. 1. Open the https://console.developers.google.com/apis/dashboard 2. Add new project 3. Activate Youtube Open it and click “Enable” 4. After Set-up back to […]