Single competitor view modes

Let’s look at possible ways to display a separate image of the contestant in the plugin. This refers to how the participant will be displayed when you click on the thumbnail of the image. Direct (Single Competitor Page only)  Activating this mode, if the user clicks on a thumbnail of […]

Competitor gallery – public upload

The first part of an article: Let’s check how to allow users to upload photos to the additional gallery with a public upload form. For this you need to do two steps: First, we need to add additional image(s) fields to the form. We go to “Forms Builder”, find the […]

Competitor gallery

Let’s look at how to add an additional gallery for сompetitors. First, we need to enable this option. To do this, we go to the “Add-ons” menu and there we find tab “Gallery”. Сheck that it is enabled and click “Save options”. Next, we need to go to the contest […]

Collect user emails

At the moment, the plugin provides three ways to collect email users. Upload The first method of collecting – during uploading. When a user uploads a photo to a contest, he must specify the name of the photo and other parameters, including his email, which can be seen in the […]

Lightbox configuring

Let’s take a look at the lightbox configuring in the plugin. A lightbox is a script that allows displaying an enlarged photo when you click on it. The plugin provides several built-in lightboxes, which you can find in the settings of the contest, the tab “General option”. There are such […]

Contest categories

Let’s look at how to manage the competition categories. You can implement categories in two ways: Create a contest for each category  Advantages: more flexibility for voting and downloading settings, you can specify different dates, a frequency of voting and so on. Activate categories for competition  Advantages: easy implementation, ability […]


To find all available shortcodes open the Config tab for your contest: Show contest Example: [[fv id=”##”]] (don’t forget to fill the contest id) Allowed params: theme – you can override the global settings of the list skin (enter skin slug, like “beauty”) sorting – you can override contest “order by” setting (enter valid […]

Create and set up your first contest

In Progress Creating and showing a contest Go to the ‘Photo contests’ menu in WordPress admin panel Click ‘Add new’ and create your first contest Enter all the required data, set the contest deadline and enable photo uploading (show form) Save the contest and add a first contestant Copy the shortcode […]

Single competitor view

How to change Single Photo View slug? Default slug is To change it go to WP Foto Vote Settings => Single tab and edit “Single photo url prefix?” from “contest-photo” to for example “competitor“. After go to Settings (wordpress global) => Permalinks and click Save (in order to regenerate the permalinks, else nothing will work). […]