Customizing gallery & single displayed details (name, description, etc)

How to change photo rating gallery & single displayed details with using template tags (select HD quality).

Conditional Tags

Since version 2.2.800 description template supports new feature – Conditional tags, that allows adding some simple logic.

Usage: [IF {name}]if `name` not empty – display something, maybe {name}[ELSE]`name` is empty, can use some other field or display nothing[ENDIF].


[IF {meta_username}]
<img src={meta_profile_pic_url} width=50/>
<a href='{meta_username}/' target=_blank>@{meta_username}</a>
NO username


[IF {meta_website}]<a href="{meta_website}" target="_blank" rel="noopener">{meta_website}</a>[ELSE][ENDIF]

Note: in [IF] tag can be used all default tags {name}, {description}, {full_description}, {meta_field_key}


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