Frequency of voting

You could customize how many votes a user can do in the contest during the specified period (6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, day [00-24], all contest). Note: if set 0 vote(s) – user can vote once for each photo. Note: user cannot give more than one vote on the same photo. Example: if the […]

Voting security [needs update]

 IP + cookies + evercookie Check:  voter IP and evercookie is recorded in the votes table. So if the voter uses a shared IP (like at university, company etc.) or tries voting again from the same browser, they might not be able to vote. Effectiveness: Not extremely effective, but simple for users.  cookies+evercookie Check: browser […]

How to set up upload form

How stored form data All data entered in the form is stored in the database with other contestant info (such as image, user ip, etc). In the Form Builder you can select in which competitor field the data will be stored: Default (meta) – selected by default Name (photo title) Description Full […]

Developer guide

Here you can find Developer documentation: and examples:

Webhooks (for Zapier,, …)

Webhooks are automated messages sent from WordPress to other services when something happens. Webhooks lets you easily send data to services like Zapier, This is a feature aimed for users who want to get data from actions (like when a new photo is submitted) and then post to another […]

Templates / Skins customizing

Applicable for version 2.2.500+ Plugin template files are available in the: wp-content/plugins/wp-foto-vote/templates/*module* Each module (skins or winners, etc) has its own directory with templates, respectively “skins”, “winners”, “leaders”, “contests_list”. Every file starts with a short documentation along with a list of variables available in this template. Example 1 (php) If […]

Email notifications

In plugin you can configure three different types of notification: To the admin, when a new photo is submitted To a user, when their new photo is uploaded To a user, when their new photo is approved or deleted (after moderation) To the admin, when the contest has been finished To […]

Redirect after upload

Let’s look at how to redirect the user after submitting an image (video, etc) to the contest. It’s possible to redirect the user: To any published Page or Post To the Single Competitor page, example: Please note: to allow not registered users view the Single View page of “On moderation” photo you should […]

Voting types

At the moment, the plugin provides three types of voting: Like, Rating (avg) and Rating summary (since version 2.3.03). Like (+1) Like is the easiest way to vote. On click to the vote button if the user available to vote – the number of votes increases by 1. Displaying example: […]