Lightbox configuring

Let’s take a look at the lightbox configuring in the plugin. A lightbox is a script that allows displaying an enlarged photo when you click on it. The plugin provides several built-in lightboxes, which you can find in the settings of the contest, the tab “General option”. There are such […]

Contest categories

Let’s look at how to manage the competition categories. You can implement categories in two ways: Create a contest for each category  Advantages: more flexibility for voting and upload settings, you can specify different dates, a frequency of voting and so on. Activate categories for competition  Advantages: easy implementation, ability […]


To find all available shortcodes open the Config tab for your contest: Show contest Example: [fv id=”##”] (don’t forget to fill the contest id) Allowed params: theme – you can override the global settings of the list skin (enter skin slug, like “beauty”) sorting – you can override contest “order by” setting (enter valid […]

Create and set up your first contest

Go to the ‘Photo contests’ menu in WordPress admin panel Click ‘Add new’ and create your first contest Set up the initial configuration Enter all the required data, set the contest deadline and enable photo uploading (show form) Save the contest and add a first contestant Copy the shortcode displayed in […]

Single competitor view

How to change Single Photo View slug? Default slug is To change it go to WP Foto Vote Settings => Single tab and edit “Single photo url prefix?” from “contest-photo” to for example “competitor“. After go to Settings (wordpress global) => Permalinks and click Save (in order to regenerate the permalinks, else nothing will work). […]

Updating plugin

There are three ways to update your contest plugin. Read before update Using the ‘Plugins’ Menu& auto-updater Using the ‘Plugins’ Menu & zip archive Manually using FTP Read before update: ■ Will my data be saved after update via Plugin Admin/FTP? Yes, all data will be saved (contests, photos, forms, settings, etc). […]

Anti cheating

Popular cheating ways: TOR browser – detection proxies/VPN web proxies SCAM (,, voting bots using Mobile Internet to change IP etc There are 2 ways to prevent cheating: 1. Active security What it is: “Active security” means preset Voting security types; more here. Objective: detect user votes by analyzing some parameters like IP, […]

GDPR compliant

Good article with thoughts about contests and GDPR: How to Run GDPR Compliant Giveaways, Contests, and Quizzes Some of the possible steps: Add checkbox to the upload form that user agrees with your Privacy Policy  Add to your website Privacy Policy all details that you collect during Upload (like default data […]

How to export data to CSV/Excel

It is very simple to export data to CSV format, which can be opened in Excel. Let’s look at each data type separately. Competitors To export the competitors, go to the contest settings, find the button “Export all photos to CSV”. Votes & Subscribers To export votes or subscribers, go […]