Contest categories

Let’s look at how to manage the competition categories.

You can implement categories in two ways:

  • Create a contest for each category 
    Advantages: more flexibility for voting and upload settings, you can specify different dates, a frequency of voting and so on.
  • Activate categories for competition 
    Advantages: easy implementation, ability to display all photos in one list with filter by category.

We will consider the second option.

To manage the competition categories, go to Contest Config and then “Categories” tab. Here we can enable or disable them, as well as manage the list of categories.

For example, let’s turn on the possibility of choosing one category for one contestant: change and save the settings. Now you can manage the list of categories. Add a few test ones.

Then go to the section “Competitors” and try to edit a random contestant. As you can see, a new field “Category” has appeared, where you can select the appropriate category for this contestant. Then it will appear in the general list.

To allow assign several categories for the contestant, you must select the option “Multi-select possible” and save the settings. Use the Control or Shift keys to select multiple contestants.

In order to allow the user to select the category during photos uploading – we need to open the “Forms Builder” menu, find the form that is associated with our competition and add the “Category” field. Thus, the user can select one or a few categories (depends on settings) when uploading photos.

To display Categories filter need to enable Toolbar in Settings => Toolbar.

To show competitor appropriate category in a public gallery – need to add {categories_comma_separated} to item List & Single description templates. Now we can see categories in the gallery.

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