Contest winners

Currently, there are 5 winners pick methods:

  • Automatically – most voted
  • Automatically – random
  • Automatically – random from TOP 10
  • Automatically – random from TOP 20
  • Manual

Where to select winners pick method:

Where to find the picked winners:

How to edit the picked winners (titles/places/etc)?

Editing possible only if “Manual” winners pick method is selected.

Note: you could use one of the “Automatic” modes and when the contest ends – change to “Manual” and edit the winner’s list.

“Manual” winners pick mode:

How to display the winner’s list on the page?

Use the winner’s shortcode:

[fv_winners contest_id=YOUR_ID]

More params can be found on the contest manage page:

contest winners shortcode
winners shortcode

How to do if the contest is ended but the winners list is empty?

  1. Please make sure that you have “Automatic” pick, else you have to pick them manually
  2. If the contest is ended > than 30 mins ago – try to deactivate & activate the plugin in the Plugins menu (probably the cron event that should end the contest is not running properly)
  3. If no luck – try to install Advanced Cron Manager plugin and make sure that you have the following event:

  4. Try to click Execute now and check your contest again if the contest is ended and winners are picked.

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