Photos moderation

Let’s look at how to moderate (review) the user submitted photos (videos, etc).

By default, all new contests have enabled pre-moderation. So after a user submits an image – it will be visible only to the administrator. He must approve or delete it. And only after the approval the photo will appear in a public gallery.

We can enable or disable this option in the settings of the contest in the tab “Public Submission” – the option “Entries moderation”. When it enabled, all uploaded photos will appear on the “Moderation” page until admin review.

The following actions are available here:

  • approve a photo;
  • approve with the comment;
  • delete photo;
  • delete with the comment;
  • rotate to left or right – if it is incorrectly oriented.

If we add a comment, it will be visible to the user in the text of the e-mail, that the photo is approved or deleted.

In addition, we can open the page of the uploaded photo in the WordPress library. Here you can edit a photo: resize it, crop, etc.

Also, we can go to the participant in Competitors list and edit info before approval.

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