How to style Email templates

Style from Admin

Our steps are as follows:

  1. Take email template code, for example we will use this code – view demo
  2. Put it into any html editor, for example
  3. Edit email content – remove all that we do not needed + put {{CONTENT}} tag in a place where email body should display
  4. Copy result and put into Plugin settings => Emails => Template for HTML emails setting
  5. Select “Email format” as text/html
  6. Ready!

Here’s my final html code >>


Customizing via PHP

Optionally since version Free 2.16 or Pro 2.01 you could fully customize email body (in cause if you want use some complicated template).

Current filter:

apply_filters( 'lrm/mail/mail_body_filter', $mail_body_templated, $mail_body, $subject, $mail_key, $to );

$mail_body_templated – if no HTML template is specified = $mail_body

$mail_body – plain text from the Registraion Mail Body field

$subject – plain text from the Registraion Mail Subject field

$mail_key – email type like “registration”, “login”

$to – receiver email


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  1. shaiq kar

    How to create a page where users can edith their profile

    1. mk_docs


      Sorry, but there is no following feature.

      Only if using the separate profiling plugin.


  2. Edwin

    Hi, I’ve added 2 more fields on registration form but how to send those fields in e-mail to user and admin???

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