Attach modal to the custom link/button anywhere on the site

If you want to display a modal login/register popup when user click s on a custom place where you can’t add the plugin lrm-login class you could use the custom selectors: In our example case with adding the class “.edd_checkout_register_login” to the extra registration selector on click to the “Iniciar […]

Restrict content for the not logged in users

Ho hide the content for the not logged in users and display the inline login form wrap the content with a shortcode: [lrm_restricted restricted_text=”<h2>Please login/register to see this content!</h2>” restricted_text default_tab=”register”]CONTENT HERE[lrm_restricted] To display the content for only not logged in users whar it with a: [lrm_for_not_logged shortcode_is_not_logged=””]CONTENT[lrm_for_not_logged]

Error while trying to activate the license

If you have error “Connection failed to the License Key API server. Try again later.” while trying to activate the license try the following: Add to your wp-config.php define(“LRM_API_URL”, ‘’);

Debugging login/registration issues

In case if you have issues with a cache after the login try to add define(“LRM_AJAX_URL_USE_ADMIN”, 1); to your wp-config. If the problem does not relate with the cache: You have to open the “Advanced” tab and enable option: Enable debug mode for public AJAX requests. After you can share […]

How to create custom login/registration pages

In order to stop the wp-login.php usage and use custom pages on your website you need for example for Login: Create custom page, call it for example Login Put a shortcode [lrm_form default_tab=”login” logged_in_message=”You have been already logged in!”] Select the newly created page here: The result:

WooCommerce reset password issue

In plugin versions < 1.71 if WC plugin is installed – it’s reset password page used by default. But sometimes this causes issues, so since version 1.71, you are able to disable this behavior in order to use settings from the Pages settings section.

2 Factor Login / OTP verification

100% compatible plugins: Not tested or does not compatible: – does not work, but can be integrated based on a wp-login page only. – not tested yet. – does not work.