How to make modal unclosable

Since PRO version 1.97 you could add the following code: jQuery(document).on(‘lrm/can_close_modal’, function () { return false; }); How to add custom JS Additionally, you have to hide the close button .lrm-close-form { display: none; } How To Add Custom CSS To WordPress: 4 Methods For Different Needs    

Hash param to trigger modal or change the tabs

Since the Free version 2.15 and PRO 1.95 you could use 4 kinds of hash: inline-register – switch the inline form to the register tab after page load inline-login – switch the inline form to the login tab after page load register – triggers the modal with a register tab […]

MailPoet Integration

The integration is perry simple, just install the PRO version and activate that option in the MailPoet settings: Result: Confirm the subscription: In admin:  

Disable registration email

Please use the following code: add_filter( “lrm/mails/registration/is_need_send”, ‘__return_false’ ); How to add the cusom PHP: How to Safely Add Custom Code to WordPress Sites

Multi-language set-up via Polylang

Since version PRO 1.92 & Free 2.12 plugin was integrated with a Polylang plugin, so you could easily set-up public messages per language. Sections that can be translated marked as a “MultiLanguage text“. To change the Current language please use the Admin Bar Switcher: Also in the ACTIONS / REDIRECTS […]

Restrict Content Pro integration

There are 2 ways to integrate the Restrict Content Pro. 1st: streamless – replace the plugin registration form with a Restrict Content Pro. 2nd: use the default form but after redirect to the Restrict Content Pro registration page where the user could select his plan: Advanced tweaks To open the […]

Shortcode: resrtict page/post content for not logged in

To hide some content for not logged in users: [lrm_restricted restricted_text”<h2>Please login/register to see this content!</h2>” default_tab=”register” role=”” capacity=””]Content[/lrm_restricted] To show some content only for not logged in users: [lrm_for_not_logged]Content[/lrm_for_not_logged]

Attach modal to the custom link/button anywhere on the site

If you want to display a modal login/register popup when user click s on a custom place where you can’t add the plugin lrm-login class you could use the custom selectors: In our example case with adding the class “.edd_checkout_register_login” to the extra registration selector on click to the “Iniciar […]