How to add Custom PHP code

How to Add Custom PHP Code to WordPress Sites Manually. Adding functions, hooks, or any other custom PHP code to the WordPress site is easy. WordPress has a default editor to modify code of your themes and plugins. And you can also add PHP code with a plugin. Let’s start […]

How to Hide modal form tabs

If you want to hide both Login/Registration tabs even if registration is not disabled on your site to change the registration link or fix your design use that option: Also tt’s useful to add text like Don’t have an account already? <a href=”#0″ class=”lrm-switch-to–register”>Register</a>. and Have an account already? <a href=”#0″ class=”lrm-switch-to–login”>Login</a>. before/after […]

Awesome Support integration

How to override the login/registration form for the Awesome Support plugin? You have to create a file: awesome-support/registration.php in your child theme folder: With content like <?php echo do_shortcode( ‘[lrm_form default_tab=”login” logged_in_message=”You have been already logged in!”]’);

Weglot support

While using the Weglot plugin, in the ACTIONS / REDIRECTS section for the redirect URLs you could use the tag %%LANG%% to set up redirect per language:

“Mailchimp for WooCommerce” plugin integration

It’s pretty simple to integrate this plugin. Just go to the WooCommerce => Mailchimp menu then Audience  tab and find Opt-in checkbox position option and put here “lrm/register_form/before_button” value. Example: And the result: Optionally use this CSS to align text left: .lrm-integrations .mailchimp-newsletter { text-align: left; }