Customizing YITH WooCommerce Social Login

Let’s customize this plugin¬†¬†in the following way: display social button before the form, but all other integration elements, like reCaptha leave before the button.

Our steps:

1. Add shortcode [yith_wc_social_login] before our forms.

2. Add this php to avoid rendering login buttons automatically in modal

 * Stop rendering YITH Social login buttons automatically in modal
add_action("wp_footer", function() {
    $yith_sl = YITH_WC_Social_Login_Frontend::get_instance();

    remove_action('woocommerce_login_form', array( $yith_sl,'social_buttons') );
    remove_action('register_form', array( $yith_sl,'social_buttons') );
    remove_action('login_form', array( $yith_sl,'social_buttons') );

}, 0);

3. This will remove from login form, but in some cases it can stay in registration, so use this css to hide it:

.lrm-integrations--register:not(:first-child) .wc-social-login {
    display: none;
Add shortcode
Add shortcode

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